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Practical New Gifts for Bridesmaids!

Get practical with your bridesmaid gifts for 2008!

Trust us, the girls will appreciate not having one more engraved toasting glass that matches nothing else in the cabinet. Instead, why not go for a personalized tote, and then stuff it with some fun stuff for the wedding. Check out our cool bags for 2008 at!

Fill the bag with fun stuff for the wedding day to ensure the girls are ready for anything!
a thank you card for being part of your BIG DAY!a wedding day emergency kitsparkling body lotionhairspraytissuesbottles of watersnacks to prevent fainting at the altardisposable camera (to capture the "getting ready" memories)...the list of possibilities is endlessYour maids will thank you and will have a fun reusable tote to keep the memories alive for years to come!