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Ultimate Checklist for your Bridesmaids

Planning and/or participating in a wedding can be a daunting task. Traditionally, wedding party members all have very distinct roles to assist with the process and make life easier for you and your groom. Use this easy checklist to help get a grip on what the role of your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids includes! Of course, you can customize this list to meet the unique needs for your wedding party. Personalized Bridesmaid Jewelry Maid (Matron) of Honor Assists bride in choosing a bridal gown as well as in choosing attendants' gowns and  jewelry . Purchase gown and accessories that she will be wearing. Helps bride address invitations. Plan and host  bridal shower . Plan and host the  bachelorette party. Records gifts received at showers as well as collecting all ribbons and bows for making the rehearsal bouquets. Helps the bride assemble and decorate  wedding favors . Helps bride and bride's family  decorate the reception hall,  if necessary. Attend rehears

The Little Man's Role as the Ring Bearer

Children are so adorable in weddings!  A cute little ring bearer that ends up running down the aisle always gets the crowd smiling.  Little brothers, nephews, cousins or even children of close friends are fair game to be chosen as your ring bearer. The Ring Bearer & The Ring Pillow The ring bearer walks down the aisle just before the flower girl and carries  a ring pillow with two rings tied to it. As you can imagine, typically these are not the ACTUAL wedding bands, rather a representation of them. It can be risky to entrust the real rings to a young child, so the ring bearer role is largely symbolic (but definitely cute). Generally, the best man and the maid of honor hold on to the real rings. Here are a few tips for choosing your ring bearer and making it fun for the little guy to be part of the wedding party, as well as the wedding ceremony and reception. 1. Who to choose:   Ring Bearers  are usually between the ages of  3 to 7 years old.  Kids 8 and older

The Unity Sand Ceremony ... How It Works

The Unity Sand Ceremony has become very popular in recent years. It's absolutely perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies where weather can create issues with lighted candles, plus it creates a memorable keepsake from your ceremony. Unity Sand Ceremony Basics Select your unity sand ceremony set . This traditionally consists of three vases, two small and one larger vase. However, beautiful sets are now available that include  personalized frames or keepsake boxes in place of the larger vase. These can make cherished family heirlooms. At the wedding, display your set at the front of your ceremony location and place one color of sand into one vase and a second color into another vase. Each is designed to represent the Bride and Groom.  At the appropriate point in the service (your officiate will lead the ceremony), the Groom pours a portion of his sand into the large vase or vessel.  The Bride then pours a portion of her sand in on top of the Groom’s in the large ve