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Rehearsal Dinner Basics

As if planning the wedding isn't enough, you have a rehearsal dinner to plan on top of it! Not to worry ... keeping a mind a few fundamentals about the rehearsal dinner (and it's purpose) will make this event fun to plan, fun to attend, and stress free. Rehearsal Dinner Basics Your rehearsal dinner can be formal or casual.  Even if your wedding is a black tie affair, it's perfectly acceptable to host a backyard  BBQ or choose a less formal restaurant for your rehearsal dinner.  The Guest List The guests may be limited to the wedding party and immediate family, but it's also acceptable to include extended family, especially those who come from out of town. Budget often dictates whether or not you'll want to include extended family. If you do have family coming from out of town for the wedding, but you don't have the budget to invite them to the rehearsal dinner, it's a nice gesture to create welcome baskets or packets that are given to them when they

10 Essentials for Getting Ready on Your Big Day

It's Your Wedding Day ... Where to Begin? Your mind will be racing when you wake up on your wedding day, but all of your preparation before today will make this day a piece of cake. Packing your bags for the honeymoon, confirming hotel reservations and airline reservations, having your license and documentation in order, and preparing payment/tip envelopes for your wedding vendors are tasks that can be completed in the days prior to your wedding. The more you can do in advance of the big day, the easier and less stressful this day will be. 10 Essentials for Getting Ready on THE Big Day You’ll be excited, so be prepared to start the day early. Go to bed early the night before the wedding (and keep alcohol intake to a minimum). Have an organized plan ready for morning when you wake up. This will keep you from being stressed out right off the bat. Do your normal work out routine. Don’t start one today if you haven’t been working out, though.  This isn’t the time for