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Your Wedding Reception Sound Track - Essential Checklist

Music sets the stage for just about everything at your wedding reception. You need to decide what songs you want played for your grand entrance, the cake cutting ceremony, the first dance, and so on. There's a good chance there are songs you don't want played, as well songs that you want to make sure are played.  The best way to make sure your reception music goes off without a hitch is to provide this information to your wedding DJ well ahead of time. Use this outline to help coordinate your track selections. RECEPTION EVENTS 1. Wedding Party Introductions Song: Artist: 2. Bride & Groom Grand Entrance Song: Artist: 3. Bride & Groom First Dance Song: Artist: 4. Father -Daughter Dance Song: Artist: 5. Mother-Son Dance Song: Artist: 6. Cake Cutting Ceremony Song: Artist: 7. Bride & Groom Exit Song: Artist: DON'T PLAY LIST If the Electric Slide annoys you and the Macarena isn't exactly what you had in mind for your r

10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

Avoid hiring a florist who might be a thorn in your side by carefully interviewing three or four different shops before signing a contract. These 10 essential questions (and their answers) will help guide you to the best decision, the best service, and most beautiful floral display for your wedding. Is my date available? If your date is available, the next thing to do is ask what deposit is required to hold the date. What is your cancellation and/or reschedule policy? It seems like a negative question, wedding do get cancelled and rescheduled for many reasons. You might decide on a different florist later, have a death in the family, or reschedule the date for some unanticipated reason. You need to know the answer to this question, and have it in writing. Do you charge a delivery or setup fee? This is a standard question. Some shops will charge a separate