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Your Wedding & The Unity Ceremony

Although there are basic requirements to make a marriage legal in the United States, there are multiple ways you can personalize your wedding ceremony with unity celebrations. Most people have seen a unity candle ceremony at a wedding, but did you know there are other types unity ceremonies, as well?

The fundamental message of a unity ceremony is the “joining together of two into one”. The “two” can reflect the Bride and the Groom, the family of the Bride and the family of the Groom or even  the Mother, Father and respective children. While the meaning is always the same, a range of different accessories may be used to create your unique ceremony.

Unity Candle Ceremony The unity candle ceremony consists of individual taper candles that are used simultaneously to light a central pillar candle during the wedding ceremony. The mothers of the Bride and Groom or other significant members from each family light the taper candles early in the ceremony, then the Bride and Groom take the taper…

15 Wedding Guest Faux Pas

A wedding is a special time for everyone, not just the bride and groom.  Although it is always their hope that all the guests to have fun, the bride and groom don't want to be embarrassed or have to baby sit guests on one of the most important days of their lives.

Sometimes what starts as a beautiful event with friends and loved ones come together to celebrate, can turn into an event that goes awry because of one or two misbehaving guests. Some guests don't even realize the social crimes they are committing, so we've put together a list of faux pas to avoid.

1. Not Returning the RSVP Card  The coordination of a wedding, from the food to seating arrangements, all depends on the number of guests attending.  Without the RSVP cards, the bride and groom have no clue how many people to expect.  This makes it very difficult to plan.  If you have to be called to find out if you are coming, you are becoming a nuisance in the midst of their already busy schedules.

2. Showing Up Wh…