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Wedding Planning Timeline - The Year At A Glance

WAHOO! He finally popped the question and now you finally get to begin planning the wedding you've been dreaming about forever - but where do you start? You may be tempted to jump right into dress shopping, but would you be better off starting with something else?  The team at WhereBridesGo is here to help! Here is a complete wedding planning timeline for the year leading up to your big day. 10-12 Months Out Pick your wedding date. Determine your wedding budget. Look for and reserve venues for your wedding and your reception. Begin thinking about the guest list. Ask friends/family to be in your wedding party. Hire your wedding officiant. Begin shopping for your wedding dress. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help you with the process. 8-10 Months Out Book your caterer. Hire any bands, musicians, and DJs for the ceremony and/or reception. Book your photographer. Obtain any necessary permits (if you plan to host your ceremony or reception in a public p

Here Comes The Flower Girl

Let's be honest... There's nothing more adorable than a little girl in sprinkling flower petals down the aisle! Children are always a wonderful addition to any wedding ceremony, and getting to be a part of the big day is an incredible experience for your little flower girl.  If you have a niece, daughter, or close friend with a daughter, your wedding will not be complete without a flower girl. If you're looking for fun ways to personalize your wedding and your flower girl's role in it, there are lots of creative alternatives! The team at WhereBridesGo has compiled a list of our favorite flower girl roles... Let us know what you think! "Here Comes The Bride" Sign The flower girl is the last person to walk down the aisle before you do. Why not let her announce your appearance by giving her a cute sign that reads, "Here Comes The Bride!" If she has a special familial relation to the groom, you can personalize the sign to make it a message

11 Unique Ways to Say "I Love You"

When is the last time you told your fiance, husband, boyfriend, wife, or girlfriend that you loved them? When we're in long-term relationships, we sometimes forget to tell our partners how much they mean to us. We're dating/married to them, aren't we? Doesn't the fact that we love them go without saying? It might for a little while, but it won't last. Saying "I love you" regularly is crucial in order to maintain a happy, successful relationship. In honor of Valentine's Day, the team at WhereBridesGo is here to help you keep the romance alive with these unique and creative ways to tell (and show)  your partners how much you love them. 1.  Write A Handwritten Love Note.  As our world becomes more and more digital, we might forget how special a handwritten note can be. Writing you sweetheart a "just because" love note will speak volumes. 2.  Take Him On His Dream Date.  Women are always talking about their dream dates, but when's t