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The Traditional Order of the Wedding Toast

  The Traditional Order of the Wedding Toasts It's said that the Greeks in the sixth Century B.C. started the tradition of the wedding toast. Greeks poured wine from a common pitcher, so the host would drink from his glass first to ensure the guests that there was no poison in the vessel. While you certainly won't have to convince your guests there's no poison in their beverages, toasting has become a tradition at weddings to wish health and happiness to   the couple and to the guests attending the event. Here's the traditional order of the toasts: The best man starts the festivities with a toast to the beautiful bride. The second toast is also done by the best man and is to the bride and groom as a couple. The third toast is done by the and groom is meant as a response to the best man's toast. He also typically includes a few words to his bride, thanks the parents and the wedding party. Toasts from other people in the wedding can then begin.

Your Wedding Reception Sound Track - Essential Checklist

Music sets the stage for just about everything at your wedding reception. You need to decide what songs you want played for your grand entrance, the cake cutting ceremony, the first dance, and so on. There's a good chance there are songs you don't want played, as well songs that you want to make sure are played.  The best way to make sure your reception music goes off without a hitch is to provide this information to your wedding DJ well ahead of time. Use this outline to help coordinate your track selections. RECEPTION EVENTS 1. Wedding Party Introductions Song: Artist: 2. Bride & Groom Grand Entrance Song: Artist: 3. Bride & Groom First Dance Song: Artist: 4. Father -Daughter Dance Song: Artist: 5. Mother-Son Dance Song: Artist: 6. Cake Cutting Ceremony Song: Artist: 7. Bride & Groom Exit Song: Artist: DON'T PLAY LIST If the Electric Slide annoys you and the Macarena isn't exactly what you had in mind for your r

10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

Avoid hiring a florist who might be a thorn in your side by carefully interviewing three or four different shops before signing a contract. These 10 essential questions (and their answers) will help guide you to the best decision, the best service, and most beautiful floral display for your wedding. Is my date available? If your date is available, the next thing to do is ask what deposit is required to hold the date. What is your cancellation and/or reschedule policy? It seems like a negative question, wedding do get cancelled and rescheduled for many reasons. You might decide on a different florist later, have a death in the family, or reschedule the date for some unanticipated reason. You need to know the answer to this question, and have it in writing. Do you charge a delivery or setup fee? This is a standard question. Some shops will charge a separate

Choose the Best Neckline for Your Wedding Gown

You want to enhance your best features on your big day. Selecting the best neckline to compliment your strengths is easy with this great checklist. Here we present the basic neckline styles and offer suggestions on who looks the best in them. The most popular necklines are: V-Neck Sweetheart Scoop Straight Boatneck Off the Shoulder Portrait V-Neck style wedding gown. V-Neck Just like the name says, the V-Neck creates a deep v-shaped cut to flatter and show cleavage.  The V-Neckline is perfect for showing off your cleavage if you have a B or C cup size.  You might reconsider this style if you have an A cup or a D+ cup size.  Sweetheart Neckline Sweetheart Neckline The Sweetheart neckline is pretty, delicate, and found on many of the popular styles of gowns. Its distinguishing look is the heart-shaped top.  The sweetheart neckline is perfect for larger chests, shorter necks, flattering cleavage and bus

"Fall" in Love!!

You'll absolutely fall in love with these dreamy wedding collections, perfect for a wedding during the Fall season!!   Picked by our Staff, exclusively for our subscribers and Facebook Fans!! Romantic Taupe Wedding Collection This Beautiful taupe rose wedding collection is a timeless classic!  The set features two shades of taupe satin and is decorated with a delicate rose.  With nine pieces in the complete collection, it's also a classic money saver for the wallet!  If you don't need all nine items, each piece may also be ordered separately. Fall Into Love Wedding Collection Perfect for Fall lovers, this brown wedding collection of suede-like material with textured fabric and satin ribbons.  Rhinestone brooch set against an embroidered leaf accent.  Simply Gorgeous!!! Enchanted Evening Collection This striking wedding collection features black and white, damask-patterned collection on shiny satin white grosgrain ribbon and bows.  Available in

Fall Weddings Are in the Air!!

If you have ever been to a Fall wedding, you know the beauty of the gorgeous rich colors are striking against the white wedding palette. If you are planning a Fall wedding, take a look at some of the great items has to complement your decor! Rich brown suedes,brilliant oranges and yellows, and warm burgundies are bride favorites for Fall weddings. Simple Autumn Cake Topper We just love this simple and colorful wedding cake topper ... perfect for Fall weddings.  Paired with gorgeous white cake and rich flowers, it makes for a memorable and unique centerpiece on the cake table.  Oh, and did we mention it's UNDER $20 ?? Fall Wedding Custom Banner Announce your love in style with our Fall Wedding Custom Banner !  Fashioned with autumn leaves and personalized free of charge, this super trendy, decorative item will make your celebration more distinctive and fun!  With its polished look, it works famously at your reception, ceremony and eve

The Role of the Flower Girl in Your Wedding

Flower girls add a serious cute factor to every wedding. If you plan to have a flower girl in your wedding, here's a quick outline of her role, as well as some tips to help the day go smoothly.  Since flower girls are typically the age of 6 or younger, taking a few proactive steps to prepare her for the big day will not only alleviate some of her stress, but it will help ensure that her walk down the aisle goes exactly as planned ... maybe :-). WHO TO CHOOSE The flower girls is typically a relative of the bride or groom. It's okay to select the daughter of a friend, but be aware if you multiple friends with young daughters, your selection of one over the other could hurt feelings. If the flower girl you select is very young, or very shy, you might consider having two flower girls so they can support and help each other during the big day. WHAT SHE WEARS Some flower girls wear replicas of the brides gown, but this can be expensive. An age appropriate white dress, or a

Wedding Gift Theft : 5 Musts So You Aren't a Victim

It's hard to believe, but wedding gift theft is a more common occurrence than you would think. However, with proper planning and a few proactive steps, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim. 1. Ask Your Bridal Party, Close Family, and Wedding Coordinator to Be on the Look Out for Wedding "Crashers" Thieves who target wedding receptions often come dressed as a wedding guest ... they are true wedding crashers.  They mingle with your guests and act as though they belong with your group. Then when the time is right, they strike the gift table. If there is someone in the room that you don't recognize, don't be afraid to approach them and strike up a conversation to find out what their story is and who specifically they are related to in the room. This is obviously much easier with smaller weddings. If you are having a large wedding (300+ guests), consider hiring a security guard for the gift table. 2. Position Your Gift Table Away from Entrances and

5 Fun Wedding Ideas ... from Favors to Bridesmaids!

Today's weddings are all about the extra special touches and personalized details. If you are looking for some  fun and unique wedding ideas, has just about everything you are looking for.     Here are 5  favorite items chosen for you by the Team at . Here Comes the Bride!    Paying homage to one of the world's most famed wedding sayings; our "Here Comes the Bride" custom wedding banner is super fun and a unique way to announce the bride's arrival!   As an alternative to the traditional roles of flower girl and ring bearer, the banner is typically carried down the aisle by children right before the bridal march, this ultra enjoyable banner will give all your guests one more reason to turn their heads in excitement!  Available in 12 colors.    A beautiful alternative to the traditional unity candle, our Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set creates a sentimentally chic way to display your love.  Perfect for outdoor cerem