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The Parts of a Wedding- Part 2 - The Ceremony

It's time for 's second installment of our "Parts of a Wedding" series to honor National Weddings Month .  Earlier this February we featured a timeline and  tips for planning a wedding , and today will focus on the first big wedding day event - the ceremony. This includes getting ready, guiding your guests, deciding what you will say and do, and more. Getting ready. The day will begin with you and the rest of the wedding party getting all dressed up for the day's festivities. Plan to start early enough that you don't feel the need to rush. Generally, the guys and girls separate for this part. Stock each of the rooms that you will be getting ready in with healthy snacks to keep everyone's energy high, lots of water, and maybe even a few celebratory cocktails to get the party started.   The ladies will most likely be getting their hair and makeup done. Be sure that everyone has something to wear during this process that does not h

The Parts of a Wedding- Part 1 - The Planning

February, the shortest month of the year, seems to be packed full of the most love!  Not only does Valentine's Day sit in the center of it, but the entire month is National Weddings Month .  February is a very popular time for wedding proposals, and it is also the time when many couples begin attending bridal shows and start their wedding planning.    A lot goes into planning a wedding :  picking a venue, choosing the food and music, making a guest list, finding the best bridesmaid gifts for your special girls...  The list seems to go on and on.  In honor of National Weddings Month, has decided to break down the different parts of a wedding. This week we will cover a suggested wedding planning timeline.  The different parts of the ceremony and reception will each be covered in the next two weeks. 9-12 months before the wedding: Tell the world! It's time to share your excitement with everyone and announce that engagement!  It's a wonde

Romantic Date Night Ideas

February is here, which means it's nearly Valentine's Day.  The romantic gifts that we offer at are for anyone, not just brides and grooms.  Browsing through our online catalog can inspire some wonderfully romantic date night ideas.  We looked through our bridesmaid gifts & groomsman gifts to find a few items that would be perfect to take along on a romantic Valentine's Day date for you and your someone special.   Spa Date ( inspired by our Cozy Fleece Spa Robe ) Some people might lead you to believe that spas are only for women.  This is certainly not the case, and a trip together can be very relaxing and even bring you closer together. Couples massages, saunas, roman baths under waterfalls...  Depending on the spa that you choose, there are a wide variety of relaxing activities that will help you both to rejuvenate and reconnect.   Romantic Picnic ( inspired by our Picnic Cooler Tote ) If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the