The Bride's "Bag of Tricks"

Greetings from the Where Brides Go Team!!

The bridal clutch is one of the most classic wedding pieces (second only to the bouquet)...and it can be quite practical. What better place to store your wedding day survival kit than a dainty and delicately designed little clutch?

The bridal clutch is not a new idea to the wedding scene but it has definitely made an encore presentation. The clutch can also be a fashion statement, serving as a practical holder for your mints (just in case), your lipstick/chap stick, band-aid, extra bobby pins, safety pins, tissue or any of your elements for the "something borrowed something blue" tradition...

I think you see where I am's like the mini version of that 30lb bag that you sling over your shoulder everyday with the necessities that get you through daily life. The clutch serves the same purpose! There are certain items of necessity the day of your wedding and carrying them in your 30lb bag is probably NOT the fashion statement you want to make. I would think carefully about what you do have in your clutch...I'm an old fashioned gal, and many in your wedding may be put off if your cell phone rings as you are saying "I Do".

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To DIY or not to DIY

Greetings from the Where Brides Go Team!

That is definitely the question in a time when Brides are forced to take a good hard look at the budget they are working with. Many brides are turning to the DIY trend to cut costs as the solution to the budget restraints. Now, let me tell you, I am a big fan of DIY - I am just like you, I have a closet full of half finished ideas,/projects and things "to do someday" when I have time. I'm as guilty as the next of staying up late scrolling through endless photos on Pinterest pinning ideas on my various boards like a mad woman....

However, here is the problem with DIY - COST and TIME. When I think of DIY projects, I truly believe in my heart that I am doing this to save money - but when the project is all said and done, many times it would have been cheaper to have just hopped online to find the project that I just created. Not to mention the stress of creating those lovely satin rosettes that will adorn my veil on the most important day of my you hear the irony in my typing??? This is the most important day of my life and I am trying to hot-glue rosettes for my veil?? The second problem is TIME - is there really EVER enough time? The project that was supposed to take an hour has now consumed you every evening for the past 5 days...

I know, you are reading this, saying "ok, all this may be true", but I still have this Ant Hill budget with my Mt Everest ideas - how can I possibly find a way to meet in the middle? I am so glad you asked...because below I have a few ideas that might help...

  1. Review your Guest list - Is it possible that you don't really need to invite that friend of a friend of a friend of your mother's aunt?? You get the point, I am not asking you to leave you grandmother out of your special day, but it is YOUR special day and your guests need to be important to you and the groom.
  2. Appetizers - Is it necessary to have 10 different appetizers? Maybe you could cut to 3 or4?
  3. Full Bar - How about Beer and Wine and a few specialty drinks instead?
  4. Linen Rentals - Rather than renting linens try embellishing the ones provided by the venue.
  5. DIY - My advice to you would be this - If you are not a DIY person by nature, take caution in how much DIY you take on for your day. I have found that I am a SEMI-DIY person. I like to do things that are kinda DIY. For instance, check out these Semi- DIY projects:
  • DIY Tins - I don't have to create the container -but I can fill it with my favorite treats!
  • Personalized Fan/Program Kits I love this idea because it allows me choose my design, personalize my message - but I am not sitting at a table doing calligraphy the night before my wedding on each individual program/fan (again SEMI-DIY)
  • Personalized Place Cards I think this design is a great look - I can choose the color, the text and of course personalize to my special date.
In other words, if you choose some DIY elements for your wedding, find projects that truly fit your SKILL level, your TIME commitment and your BUDGET - This will help you to be rested and relaxed on your BIG day.
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New Wedding Collections for 2012!!

Happy New Year from the team at Where Brides Go®! We have some exciting new products that are sure to make your wedding perfect. This year, don’t just throw out the old and bring in the new…instead, bring back some “old” traditions with a “new twist".

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  • Get Lacy! – whether it’s on your dress, in your bouquet or within your décor – Lace will definitely be the hot trend for 2012. Check out our new Royal Lace Collection by Beverly Clark.

  • Be Elegant! Simple elegance will be a hot trend of 2012 - The Black Damask Collection would be the perfect accent for your elegant look

  • Decorate with Faux Flowers! – Brides are no longer confined to fresh flowers only – the brides of 2012 will utlize fabric, tissue and FEATHERS in their bouquet, centerpieces and décor.

  • Vintage is In! – although the trend started in 2011, it will linger into 2012 and be even more popular among brides. See our elegant vintage style with the Luxe Collection

  • Last but not least...the most important trend of all...Personalize, Personalize, Personalize... This is your wedding and needs to reflect the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom. Add your personal touch on your big day with these personalized White Wine Glasses

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