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Your Wedding Cake & Cake Topper - 6 Ways to Make It All About You

Today's weddings are all about personalization. Brides are inserting their unique personalities into every element of the big day, adding amazing special touches that were never even imagined in weddings just five years ago. One aspect that you can really make a statement with is your wedding cake. There are as many options for making your wedding cake all about you as there are flavor choices. Infuse your wedding palette into your wedding cake! Here are six of our favorite ideas. Use a family recipe. For a special tribute, pay credit in your toast or on the menu to the family member you got it from .   Mix and match flavors and colors. Tie the cake to your wedding palette. If you and your fiancĂ©' have different favorite flavors, mix and match the different tiers with them.   Include ethnic or cultural differences that are meaningful to you.  Using specific ingredients or types of frosting and decorations can accomplish this. Many wedding cake tops are designed