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Average Cost to Be a Bridesmaid

Being a Bridesmaid Can Be a Pricey Proposition! When you are asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding, you typically assume you'll have to pay for your bridesmaid dress, but there are several other expenses you'll incur along the way! Here's what the average bridesmaid in 2009 spent leading up to the wedding: Bachelorette Party Expenses $152 Bridal Shower Gift $72 Bridesmaid Accessories $52 Bridesmaid Dress $178 Bridesmaid Dress (All Purchases Over Time) $431 Bridesmaid Dress Alterations $56 Hair Service $65 Hotel (per night) $140 Manicure (plus tips) $32 Outfit for Rehearsal Dinner $71 Pedicure $30 Plane Fare $303 Rental Car (per day) $88 Shoes for Bridesmaid $49 Wedding Gift from Bridesmaid $117 Add these up to a whopping $1836! In tight economic times, it's good to know ahead of time