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6 Scenarios Where a Wedding Planner is a MUST

Many brides may skip the services of wedding planners because they prefer to plan the details themselves, research and interview their own vendors, and handle all the vendor coordination and payments on their own. Sometimes budget-minded brides also (mistakenly) assume it will be cheaper if they just do it themselves.  While we all like to have complete control over our weddings, there are definitely some circumstances that make the need for a wedding planner more crucial than others.  Here are 6 scenarios where a wedding planner is worth his or her weight in gold! DESTINATION WEDDINGS Is a destination wedding in your plans? If so, consider hiring a wedding consultant that is located at the destination . Consult with your venue for recommendations of good wedding planners in that area. LARGE WEDDINGS If you are planning a large wedding (200+), the sheer size alone may necessitate having multiple hands to be able to handle everything. Having extra (non-family) hands the day

9 Tips for Making the Right Musical Choices for Your Wedding & Reception

One aspect of the wedding you will want to think about early during your planning process is the type of music to book for each part of your big day.  This is especially important if you have your heart set on a specific performer. If they are in high demand, you'll likely need to book early. One of the decisions many brides struggle with is whether to have live musicians for the ceremony and whether to hire a DJ or a live band for the reception. It doesn't have to be "either-or" when it comes to the choice between a DJ, live music, or recorded music.  If your budget allows, you may opt to have different music styles and performers for different parts of the event.   Here are 9 things to consider when choosing the type or types of music that will forever be tied to your special day: Find out if live entertainment is allowed. Before you put deposits down on any type of entertainment, be sure to check with your ceremony venue, your reception venue, and an