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Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Bridal Show

Bridal shows are happening this time of year all over the country. Attending a few of these can help you to take care of many wedding planning tasks in one place. They are also excellent sources for wedding inspiration and a great chance to win products and services from vendors. Unless you have been a bridesmaid before, bridal shows are probably new territory for you. Take some advice from and try the following wedding planning tips for making your way through a bridal show like a pro. Register online. If the bridal show that you are attending allows early registration online, take advantage of it.  When you arrive the day of the show, you will get in and on your way much quicker if all of your information has already been filled out.  Sometimes early registrants are also offered additional prizes, discounts, or other goodies. Do your homework. There will be a lot of people at the show trying to talk to the same vendors that you are looking f

Brilliant Bridesmaid Gifts for the Wedding Day & Beyond

All of the decisions involved in planning a wedding can get overwhelming.  Some of the details, like whether there are enough trash cans placed around the room, are necessary but not much fun.  When it comes to picking out items like gifts for bridesmaids , you can actually enjoy spending your time on those decisions.       The practical bride will want to buy bridesmaid gifts that are not only pretty, but will be used often as a memento of your special day.  Things that can be used on the wedding day really come in handy, plus if you give matching items to everyone, it can make for some cute photo opportunities! There are lot of great gifts to give to your bridesmaids that can be used the morning of the wedding while you are all getting ready together.  First of all, a great big tote for carrying all of the getting-ready essentials is useful for carrying all kinds of stuff later on. A cute monogrammed makeup bag or toiletry bag is also a wonderful present that will get lots o

10 Wedding Planning Resolutions To Make

A new year opens everyone's minds up to new possibilities, much like a wedding opens a couple up to a brand new, exciting life together.  January 1 is always a great time to begin a fresh start.  You can take the same approach to planning a wedding .   No matter where you are in the process, stop, take a breath, and make sure you are doing things in a productive way. knows that if you apply the following resolutions to your wedding planning process, things will go a little smoother and you will enjoy the experience a lot more.   1.  Organize & prioritize. Sit down with your piles of lists, ideas, photos, etc... and find a place for everything.  You will save hours of wasted time by simply keeping all of these things in a place designated for them.  A binder works well for this, with different folders for each task.  Don't forget to include a calendar too.  After everything is where you want it, decide which things are the most important