Understanding the Wedding Gift Registry

Wedding Gift Registration has become much computerized and much easier to do. Couples can go to stores to register for gifts or use the Internet, which makes the availability of gift registries that much easier.

Brides and grooms are able to register online with several retailers including:
  • Major department stores
  • Building supply stores such as Home Base, Home Depot
  • Hardware stores, either local hardware stores or specialty hardware stores like Renovation Hardware
  • Sporting good stores like Sports Mart, Sports Chalet, Big Five, REI
  • Upscale gardening stores like Smith and Hawken or local nurseries
  • Mortgage lenders—registering for contributions to a down payment on a house is becoming ever more popular
  • Travel agents—whether for the honeymoon or another recreational trip
  • Home furnishing & accessory stores—Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pier One, IKEA, Strouds, Linens & Things
  • Couples can even create wedding wish lists at sites like WhereBridesGo.com, so family members can contribute by purchasing wedding supplies the bride and groom have picked out for the wedding.

Most importantly, offer your friends and family the convenience of an online gift registry.

Things to Ask Before You Register

Do you need an appointment? What is the store's return policy? How do they keep track of your registry and gifts? A computer database is the preferred method as it is the most quickly updated. How often to you update the registry? The more often the better so as to avoid as much duplication as possible. Other important questions are:
  • How long does it take to get your gift registry up and running?
  • Does the store have a toll-free phone line?
  • Do they accept phone purchases?
  • Do they have a Web site?
  • Do they ship gifts? Any additional charge for this service?
How long does your registry list stay in their records?
A year after the wedding date is the ideal since guests have up to one year to purchase
a gift for you.

What Can You Register For?
While many couples still stick with the tried and true china, silver, and crystal, many more are branching out and availing themselves of the huge number of choices out there, from honeymoon trips to charitable donations.
  • House accessories and gadgets
  • Kitchen appliances and items
  • China, crystal and silver
  • Linens
  • Sporting goods
  • Tools
  • Home improvements
  • Garden supplies
  • Mortgage down payments
  • House cleaning services
  • Honeymoon

If you go with traditional items like china and silver, you'll probably need to spend some time deciding on which patterns and styles both of you like before you actually venture out to register for it. Go window-shopping, browse online, or look at magazine ads to get some great ideas of what is available before registering.

Gift Problems

The Gift Arrives Broken
Occasionally, a gift will arrive broken or damaged. If the gift was sent directly by a department store, you can contact the store. Their customer service department will most likely see to the replacement of the gift.

Returning Gifts
Even with computer registry, duplicate gifts happen. It is not necessary to tell the gift giver that you returned their gift. Simply return the gift and select another item in exchange.

Anonymous Gifts
Try calling the store to see if you can track the gift that way. If it didn't come from a store, check the package for a hint as to where it came from, geographically speaking. Hopefully that can help you narrow it down. Also check with your parents and close friends, maybe they can help you determine the mystery giver.

When the Wedding is Called Off
When a wedding is called off or canceled, all of the gifts need to be returned to the givers, even the monogrammed and personalized ones. Include a brief note with each gift you're returning; thanking the person for their thoughtfulness and explaining that the wedding will not be taking place.

Registry Dos & Don’ts

DO complete the registration process by the time you send out your invitations. You may want to register earlier so bridal shower guests can select items from your registry.

DO realize that just because you've registered for it doesn't mean you'll get it.

DO register for enough gifts with respect to your wedding list. If you've invited 300 people, make sure and register for that many gifts.

DO register at a wide variety of locations that all your guests will have access to.

DO register for items with a variety of price ranges so that guests have a choice of gifts to select from.

DO keep track of every gift you receive and who gave it to you (you will need this later for writing your thank you notes).

DO plan for guests who bring their gifts to the reception instead of having it sent directly to you. Set aside a gift table where guests can leave their gifts. You'll want a special basket or box for envelopes that contain money. Assign someone to be in charge, making sure to tape the cards to the packages and guide people to where they can leave them.

DON'T select items that are so expensive that few people you know can afford them.

You Must Thank People for their Gifts
You must send a thank you note for every wedding (shower, engagement, etc.) gift you receive. The note must be written by the bride or the groom. Unlike other wedding tasks, this one cannot be delegated. The thank you notes must be sent out in a timely fashion. This means two weeks for gifts received before the wedding. For gifts received after the wedding, one month is recommended.
Tips on Thank You Notes
  • Buy all your wedding thank you note stationery and supplies early on and keep it handy.
  • Keep careful track of who gave you what.
  • Write the note as soon as possible after receiving the gift.
  • If you have several notes to get out at once, prioritize them according to which gift giver is most likely to be offended by a late note.
  • For notes written before the wedding, you must use your maiden name.
  • Make sure both of you do your part in writing those notes.
  • Mention the gift in detail in the thank you note and add a line or two on how much you enjoy it or how you plan to use it.
  • Add a conversational line or two to make the thank you note more personalized.
  • If the gift was money, thank them for their generosity or generous gift and mention what you plan to use it for. Never mention the amount.

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A Road Map for Second Marriage Weddings

Second marriage weddings are becoming much more common, which means many of the wedding traditions are changing. There are a number of alternatives and choices that may fit your individual situation. Your decisions may be determined by you and your fiancĂ©’s age, whether children are involved, or if this is a second marriage for either of you.

Announcing Your Engagement for a Second Wedding

When children from previous marriages are involved, you should tell them first. Chances are they already have an idea, but they still need to hear the news from you. A second marriage wedding should be handled carefully and with love. You want them to feel they are gaining another caring adult in their lives. You don't want them to feel as if they're losing a parent or having an existing parent replaced. You also need to notify a former spouse when children are involved, preferably before the children spill the news.

Afterwards, let your parents know the good news; then, of course, tell your friends and relatives. Traditionally, if it's the bride's second marriage, a formal announcement is not made. If it is the bride's first, and the groom's second marriage wedding, a formal engagement announcement is customary.

Planning Your Second Wedding Ceremony

If the bride is getting married for the first time, then everything remains traditional. The second marriage wedding may be as formal and religious as you would like, depending on your particular-denomination.

One of the first things you should do when planning a second wedding is to find out all regulations or restrictions on the remarriage of a divorced person. Your house of worship or officiant is a good place to start.

If the bride has been married before, a semi-formal or informal wedding is usually chosen, rather than a large, very formal wedding. The exception to this would be if the bride never had a large, formal first wedding, or has no children. Another exception could be when it is the bride's second, but the groom's first marriage. In this case the groom's parents may want to host the wedding or the couple may choose to pay for it themselves. In any case, it is not right to expect the bride's family to pay for a second large wedding.

When it is both the bride's and the groom's second marriage, it is best to have a tasteful semi-formal or informal wedding. It may still be in a church, chapel, home, hotel, or club. There should be a maid or matron of honor in the ceremony but no bridesmaids. Similarly, the groom should have a best man but should only have ushers if they are needed, and they would not stand at the altar. When there are children from previous marriages, the couple may want to involve them in some way, depending on their ages.

The Second Wedding Dress

With the increase of second marriage weddings, designers in the bridal industry are making a great number of beautiful dresses for the encore bride-to-be. You may select a romantically feminine, lacy dress of mid-calf or ankle length in white or ivory, or a traditionally elegant knee length dress or suit in white or pastel. What you choose to wear will depend on the formality of the ceremony, the time of day and, most important, what you feel good wearing.

Yes, you may wear white. However, a veil, the symbol of virginity, should not be worn. Instead, wear a hat or a wreath of fresh flowers. You may also want to carry a bouquet or a flower-trimmed prayer book.

Invitations and Announcements

When the ceremony is larger than just a few close friends and relatives, including, say, thirty or more guests, you should send printed invitations. Usually the person who is hosting the ceremony and reception issues the invitations. Again the wording of them will depend on your individual situation (examples are given in the chapter on invitations).

Gifts are not expected for a second marriage wedding, though many guests may choose to send one. Accept any gifts graciously and acknowledge them with thank you notes. It is not correct to indicate "no gifts" on the invitation.

When a large reception follows a small cere­mony, a formal reception invitation should be sent to all the guests; simply insert a ceremony card for guests who are invited to both.

The Second Wedding Reception

The reception may be any size or style you wish. Neither the bride's nor the groom's previous marriages have any effect on this. Having a large reception is a nice way to include friends who couldn't be a part of the ceremony.

You may still toast with champagne, cut the wedding cake, and have a "first dance." You might want to consider omitting first wedding customs like tossing the bride's bouquet and garter.

Reaffirming Your Wedding Vows

Reaffirming wedding vows is becoming more popular, especially with couples who had civil ceremonies or eloped, due to convenience or lack of finances. The renewal of vows occasionally takes place shortly after the wedding day, but more commonly takes place years after the couple was originally married.

The couple may choose to repeat the same vows they once said, or they may want to write new ones that express the way their love for one another has grown over the years. The ceremony possibilities for a reaffirmation are varied. You may choose a small ceremony with close friends and family, or a larger one that includes new friends you have acquired over the years. You may want to have it in a church, in your home, or in the garden, a perfect symbol of the life you have nurtured together. It's a nice idea to make children, if there are any, a part of the ceremony. Many choose to combine it with a special anniversary, such as the tenth or twenty-fifth. Then they have the ceremony first, followed by a festive party.


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Average Cost to Be a Bridesmaid

Being a Bridesmaid Can Be a Pricey Proposition!

When you are asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding, you typically assume you'll have to pay for your bridesmaid dress, but there are several other expenses you'll incur along the way!

Here's what the average bridesmaid in 2009 spent leading up to the wedding:

Bachelorette Party Expenses $152
Bridal Shower Gift $72
Bridesmaid Accessories $52
Bridesmaid Dress $178
Bridesmaid Dress (All Purchases Over Time) $431
Bridesmaid Dress Alterations $56
Hair Service $65
Hotel (per night) $140
Manicure (plus tips) $32
Outfit for Rehearsal Dinner $71
Pedicure $30
Plane Fare $303
Rental Car (per day) $88
Shoes for Bridesmaid $49
Wedding Gift from Bridesmaid $117

Add these up to a whopping $1836! In tight economic times, it's good to know ahead of time all the costs you are likely to incur so you can budget and plan for them.

How much do you plan to spend? Do you have any money saving tips for other bridesmaids? Let us know!


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Personalizing Your Wedding Ceremony

In lieu of the formal readings or traditional vows, why not take a few liberties to personalize your ceremony and make it uniquely you?

Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Write and read your own vows to one another. You can structure them by including all the things you fell in love with, why you are thankful for one another, and what promises you make to one another. There are several great books you purchase with creative ideas on writing meaningful and original vows.

  • My sister has an incredible voice and she sang to her husband at the alter. It was beautiful and breathtaking. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

  • Coordinate with your officiate to have all of the married couples in attendance stand. Have them sit in increments of those married less than 5 yrs, less than 10 yrs, 20 yrs, etc ... until you are left with one couple standing who has been married the longest. I was at a wedding where the couple had been married 63 years. Everyone applauded them and the officiate challenged the couple to reach that goal and to look as happy, healthy, and in love at that age. It was incredibly touching.

  • Include the story of how you met in your ceremony. Your guests will appreciate sharing in your love story.
  • At my own wedding, rather than decorating the chapel with flowers, each female guest was given the symbol of love, a single red rose. The ushers presented them from large vases at the entrance as they were seating each attendee.

  • Greet guests with music as they arrive at the ceremony. A traditional string quartet is beautiful, or you can be original with an acoustic guitar or even mariachis!

  • Place something in each seat for your guests. Rice or confetti to toss after the vows, is a great touch. Wedding bubbles are always popular too. You can really set a festive tone with party poppers filled with streamers for the guests to unleash after "I Do"! Check out WhereBridesGo.com for creative wedding boxes, pouches, and personalized gift tags for your guest goodies.

Do you have unique idea for your wedding? Share it with us! We would love to read and share what you are doing to make your wedding creative and original!

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Great Site to Help Select Your Wedding Color Palette

We found a great resource for selecting the perfect wedding palette and wanted to share!


Hundreds of beautiful palettes and patterns, color ideas and inspirations can be found at COLOURlovers!

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Creative Idea for Your Head Table

Create personalized wedding party gifts that double as decorative "place cards" at your head table.

Doubling as a wedding reception accessory and a super cute bridesmaid gift, these Flower Bouquet Reception Vases are a bride's best friend!

Both statuesque in form and stylish in appearance, these one of a kind floral vases provide a helpful service on your big day while remaining a treasured keepsakes for all your favorite girls all the days after!

Simply place these vases at the head table to give the bridesmaids a place to keep their bouquets safe as they dance the night away! At the end of the evening, they'll gladly take home the personalized vase filled with their beautiful, floral arrangement. Measures 3 1/2" x 7" tall.

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Planning the Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding because it seals your union, marking the start of your new journey as one. Today's wedding ceremonies range from highly traditional to extremely personalized and unique, but their purposes and outcome are all the same ... to complete the union and join the lives of the couple.

When planning your ceremony, it can be helpful to create a ceremony worksheet. This will help ensure you haven't overlooked anything important. The outline below can serve as your guide. Be sure to speak with your officiate for his/her input, as well. If you are marrying in church, temple, or other religious venue, there can be specific rules and requirements by which you must abide.

Ceremony Worksheet Outline

Ceremony site reserved:

Cost for site (some religious venues simply request a donation):

Date of ceremony (be sure to confirm!):

Ceremony time - From: To:

Name of officiate:

Officiate's telephone #:

Officiate's email address:

Officiate's fee (if any):
Ceremony Details
If you are incorporating music or performances in your ceremony, indicate your music selections and performances in the appropriate area of the checklist, as well.

Seating of Guests (who will your ushers be?)

Seating of Parents (who will escort each?)

Procession (names of participants and order of procession):

Giving Away (i.e. who gives this bride .... ideas to make it unique):

Reading and/or prayers (name of readings and verses):

Readers (who will be presenting each reading or verse):

Bride's Vows:

Groom's Vows:

Exchange of Rings:

Unity Ceremony:

Pronouncement of Marriage:

Benediction or Blessing:

Recessional (names and order):

Signing of the marriage license (In most cases, this actually happens after the ceremony, however you can actually incorporate this into the ceremony if your officiate will allow it!)


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New Team Member Joins WhereBridesGo.com!

Hi Everyone!

I want to introduce myself as the newest team member for WhereBridesGo.com. I'm Mike Waggett (yes - Sandy's Hubby) and I'm joining the team as the Vice President for Business Development. Let me tell you, even though I had an inside track to the job, the interview was still pretty tough.
A little bit about myself... I just retired from the United States Air Force after 24 years. The Air Force was pretty good to me...I served as a fighter pilot, assistant professor at the US Air Force Academy, and served some time at the Pentagon among many other assignments. I was lucky enough to get three Masters degrees paid for by Uncle Sam, and ended my career as the Commander of a large training and education center for the Air National Guard.
I met Sandy while stationed at Nellis Air Force Base and working at RED FLAG (Fighter Pilot training program). We moved together to Colorado Springs where we eventually married at the wonderful chapel on the US Air Force Academy. Sandy started the business in 1999 on a part time basis as she was working as a senior engineer with BAE Systems/Lockheed Martin. When we moved to Knoxville, TN as a military reassignment, she went for it and worked fulltime on growing the business!

I'm very proud of her efforts building WhereBridesGo.com along with the wedding portal sites in 26 markets across the country, plus her highly successful web site design and hosting company (MSW Interactive Designs, LLC). I'm excited about joining her team and using my skills to help push WhereBridesGo.com to even greater heights. It's easy to rave about the company because I've seen first hand the quality and affordable products offered to our wonderful customers, and the absolute top-notch customer service provided to ensure all our clients are satisfied.

More to come in the future!

Mike Waggett

A Wedding Tradition : Jordan Almonds

Did you know that Jordan Almonds are not only popular wedding favors, but they are also a long-standing wedding tradition? The bittersweet taste of the almod is said to signify life, and the sugar coating is added to ensure a sweeter marriage.

Traditionally, couples give guests five almonds to represent:

  1. health

  2. wealth

  3. longevity

  4. fertility

  5. happiness

Typically almonds are placed at each guest table setting as favors. They are presented in wedding favor boxes or tulle bags (called bomboniere) and are often personalized with the couple's names and wedding date.

You can also include a popular Jordan Almond poem to let your guests in on the tradition!

Jordan Almonds for Thee
Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat,
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife:
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!
Author unknown

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Wedding Thank You Gifts

Thank you gifts and welcome baskets are often given to guests who have traveled a long distance to attend your wedding and to bridesmaids and groomsmen for participating in the big day. For your out-of-town guests, the welcome baskets are typically presented as they arrive at their accommodations. You can work with the hotel to coordinate delivery of your gifts so each guest feels appreciated and pampered on their arrival. Gifts for the wedding party are often presented at the rehearsal dinner or groom's dinner.

For the out-of-towners, a basket of fruit with a bottle of water used to be the norm, but today couples are getting more creative and personal with their gifts and welcome baskets. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Incorporate your own special twist and your guests will thank you for the incredibly thoughtful gesture.

Spa Bags & Baskets
You don't have to spend a fortune to prepare this pampering gift. Load cosmetic bags or totes with scrubs, lotions, lip gloss, a compact, and a loofah for a perfect spa bag. You can even add a robe and slippers to larger totes for a more elaborate thank you! Don't forget to add a touch of personalization either by monogramming the bag or including a handwritten note. Leave these in the rooms of guests who have traveled a long distance to indulge in a little R 'n' R before the festivities begin.

Welcome Baskets
A little less pricey, but equally appreciated, is the more traditional welcome basket! Include bottled water (add custom labels), munchies, teas, and coffees. You can include an itinerary of the wedding festivities, as well as maps to the venues and personalized thank you note to let your guests know how much you appreciate them making the trip.

Treat your bridesmaids to a great bag that is fashionable and functional. It's perfect to tote accessories, shoes, and makeup to the wedding venue. If you are having a destination or beach wedding, fill it with necessities such as a pair of flip flops, water, and a beach towel.

Winning Wine Caddy
Thank your wedding party with personalized picnic bags. A wine caddy filled with a bottle of wine and stuffed with a baguette and cheese is a guaranteed hit! You can include personalized bottle openers and wine toppers for an extra special touch. Top off the gift with a set of personalized wine glasses.
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Think Outside the Box!

Wedding Favor Containers are traditionally filled with candy or chocolates, but these small stylish boxes can be transformed into custom wedding favor packaging easily!

Cone wedding favor boxes are a great fit for wine stoppers, but can easily accommodate other wedding favor items. You can even create a wedding day emergency kit for your bridesmaids by filling them with safety pins, a nail file, lip gloss, and more.

Think of the container as more than just wrapping for your favor. Combine the box and favor together with fillers, dazzlers, and ribbon for a truly unique presentation.

For a beach themed wedding, fill your cones partially with colored sand and a special note for custom "message in a bottle" wedding favors.

Fun miniature galvanized cans and pails work well as favor containers too! Mini metal pails can be stuffed with lollipops and decorated with flowers or dazzlers. Personalize them with custom ribbon or favors tags for an adorable wedding favor.

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Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Gown Silhouettes

Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day, and you will be no exception! Enjoy shopping for your gown ... it will be the experience of a lifetime.

Whether you are dreaming of a ball gown in white silk and tulle or a simple, elegant A-line dress, don't make the final decision before you've determined the style, season, time of day, and site for your wedding.

According to a recent survey, the top 5 most popular wedding gown silhouettes are:

  • 29% A-Line

  • 15% Princess

  • 14% Ball Gown

  • 12% Mermaid/Sheath

  • 6% Empire

Other silhouettes chosen by respondents included: Baby Doll, Basque Waist, Dropped Waist, Natural Waist, Sheath, Trumpet, and Two-Piece.

Understanding the Silhouettes

The typical A-Line silhouette has seams starting at the bust or shoulders and flowing down to a flared skirt. The top of the dress gracefully blends into the skirt. It gets it name from the "A" shape, small at the top and larger (flared) at the bottom. The Princess silhouette is typically an A-Line with a tightly fitted bodice area. Traditionally, princess gowns are strapless, however many of the newer Princess gowns have some form of strap.

The ball gown silhouette is similar to the A-Line, only it has a much fuller skirt and typically features a full bodice that is distinctly separate from the skirt. The Sheath or Mermaid silhouette closely follows the line of your body, hence the nickname "mermaid". The Empire is high-waisted with a scoop neck and typically has a slimmer skirt. This style is reminiscent of Jackie O.


Now that we know the basic silhouettes, lets take a look at which ones work for each body style.

The Perfect Hour-Glass Figure
Okay, so you've got a figure even Marylin Monroe would be envious of!
Do consider... A nice A-Line gown paired with a v-neck or scoop-neck to fully flatter your figure.

Think twice about... an Empire silhouette which may hide your figure or make it look disporportioned. A ball-gown may work if the skirt isn't overly full, but watch that it doesn't over accentuate your bottom half.

Short Waisted and Petite Figures
Do consider... an A-Line gown to elongate your waist and make you appear taller. Since the top of the dress gently blends into the flared skirt, it gives a long and lean look.
Think twice about... a ball gown. The ball gown may simply swallow you whole. You want everyone to see YOU walk down the aisle -- not a big gown with a person hidden in it!
Tall and Thin
Do consider... a ball gown. You will look like an absolute Princess walking down the aisle. Also consider a Sheath silhouette - there aren't too many of us who can get away with wearing them. If you've got it, we suggest you flaunt it!

Think twice about... well ... we really can't think of a style that you wouldn't look great in!

Pear Shaped
Do consider... a gown that will draw attention to the upper half of your body. The Silhouette isn't quite as important as the neckline you select. The idea is to flatter your shoulders and chest while drawing focus away from your hips.

Think twice about... the mermaid silhouette ... for obvious reasons.

Full Figure and Plus Size
Do consider... a ball gown or A-Line gown. The ball gown is full and will hide many figure problems in the lower areas. An A-Line will flatter practically any figure.

Think twice about... mermaid silhouettes, thin straps, and sleeveless gowns. Instead, focus on drawing attention to your best features. Wear short or long sleeves to cover upper arm troubles and consider a scoop or v-neck to flatter your chest and neck.


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"Budget" Impacts 2009 Wedding Trends

With the rough and tumble economy of 2008, brides in 2009 will place a heavy focus on saving money when planning their wedding. Some of the expected new 2009 trends include:

  • Smaller weddings with fewer guests
    Brides and grooms are trimming the fat off their guest lists to help keep the costs down. Look for immediate family, close family friends, and close friends of the bride and groom to receive invitations. 2nd cousins, "work friends", and friends of relatives may not make the cut in 2009. If the bride or groom will be meeting the person for the first time at their wedding, it's unlikely they'll be on the invite list this year!

    Tip: Save money on your invitations when you order online!

  • Destination weddings
    While it may intuitively seem like destination weddings are more expensive, in many cases they are much cheaper than a traditional wedding for several reasons:
    1) the guest list is typically much smaller;
    2) destination weddings are often held at all-inclusive resorts;
    3) destination weddings often serve as the honeymoon, too!

    Tip: Enjoy a beach-themed wedding at your favorite destination resort. Use beach themed invites, wedding favors, and wedding party gifts! Take 10% off at http://www.wherebridesgo.com with coupon code BLOG.

  • Accent colors - everywhere!
    Popular 2009 hues are greens and blues.
    Forget the traditional all white wedding. 2009 brides are adding a punch of color to their wedding cakes to save money over elaborate fresh floral decor. Sure, bridesmaids have always had the funky colored dresses, but modern brides really know how to tie it all together when tightening the budget belt. 2009 Brides will look to save money on elaborate floral centerpieces by using color in their table linens and opting for simpler centerpieces. Look for color splashes in the wedding accessories, wedding gown, tuxedos, and reception chair covers, as well.

    Tip: Choose wedding accessories with color to add personalization and visual impact! Visit http://www.wherebridesgo.com/ for a HUGE selection of custom color wedding accessories.

  • Increased reliance on family and friends to help plan, pay for, and provide certain "professional" services
    Modern brides and grooms tend to be in their late twenties and early thirties, independent, and professional. This has led to a trend of brides and grooms footing all or part of the bill for their own weddings. With a tightening economy, look for brides and grooms to lean on parents more, not just for the bill, but possibly in lieu of hiring certain professional services.

    Tip: Be careful not to cut back on services you may regret later. There really is no substitute for the quality of a professional photographer and videographer. The professional services of an experience DJ or wedding band/MC are absolutely invaluable if you are planning are large formal reception.

  • Increased use of green and echo friendly products and services
    Brides Go Green (TM) in 2009! The trend will be toward earth friendly wedding favors, invitations, and everything green (where possible). Brides will even begin using online RSVP’s over the traditional mail-in RSVP for the wedding!

    Tip: Look for green wedding favors and eco-friendly wedding favors!

  • Simplified decorations, centerpieces and wedding invitations
    With the trend toward pinching pennies, brides in 2009 will have one thing in common ... simple. Simple centerpieces, simple (yet elegant, of course) decor, and simple invitations. The complexity will be in the hues, but simple will rule the setting. Think reusable when it comes to centerpieces, think dual-use when it comes to placecards, and think practical when it comes to wedding favors!

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  • Off-peak weddings
    October will become the new June! Many venues offer substantial off-season and off-peak day/hour weddings to complete their bookings.

    Tip: Check wedding venues for discounts on Mornings, Afternoons, Fridays, and Sundays. Be sure to ask ... you will be AMAZED at the HUGE savings available, even at the most expensive and exclusive venues.

  • Buffet meals, Hors d’oeuvre, and cocktail receptions
    Brides will be looking to save on the food and cocktails (one of the largest expenses related to the wedding!)

    Tip: Don't assume a buffet is cheaper. It's usually not! Price out the buffet vs the plated dinner at your venue. Rather than an appetizer table, have servers hand-carry Hors d’oeuvres. Your guests will eat fewer (so you need to purchase less). For the cocktails, consider open beer and wine for a fixed period, then switch to cash bar. Have 100% cash bar for hard/premium liquors.

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