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Tasks You Need To Finish During The Final Month Of Wedding Planning

A lot of planning goes into getting everything ready for your wedding day. Lots of arrangements need be made months before, but there are some things that can't be finished until the final 30 days. Most of these are very important tasks that you do not want to forget, so today has a list of them for you.   Set up the final dress fitting. - You will have a bridal gown fitting about 1 month before the wedding date. If another is necessary, you need to schedule it for 1-2 weeks before the big day.  Make spa appointments. - A day or two before the wedding, you deserve to pamper yourself a bit. Schedule a manicure so that your hands look incredible in all of those close-up ring shots. You might as well get a pedicure while you're there too, especially if you will be wearing open-toed shoes. Add a massage to wipe away the stress that has built up during planning. Consult the spa about how long before the wedding day you can have a facial.      Have your

5 Ways To Use Rose Petals At Your Wedding

June is National Rose Month, so in honor of that, has listed a few wonderful ways that you can incorporate rose petals into your wedding day. One of the wedding decorations online that you will find in our shop is a rainbow of different rose petal colors, both in freeze dried and artificial form, that will add beauty and romance to any wedding.  Toss Them This is the most obvious way to use rose petals for your wedding. Put them in a pretty basket or other container and let an adorable flower girl toss them all the way down the aisle to announce the bride's grand entrance. You can find both the petals and the flower girl baskets online at  Throw Them Your flower girl doesn't have to be the only person that gets to toss rose petals at your wedding. Let your guests throw them into the air instead of the classic birdseed when you exit the wedding. They are also great for throwing in the air just before the photographer snaps your we

Creative Ideas For A Garden Themed Wedding

Spring and summer are the times when most outdoor weddings take place. (Unless, of course, you live in an area where it's warm all of the time.) A very beautiful and romantic setting for an outdoor wedding is in a garden full of gorgeous blooms. Our online wedding decoration store has lots of wonderful accessories for this type of ceremony and reception, and in today's blog, has featured a few ideas for how to incorporate them.  An Enchanted Garden A regular garden is awe-inspiring enough on its own to host a romantic wedding, but adding a few fantastic elements can turn an average garden into an enchanted one straight out of a fairy tale.  Consider having the wedding ceremony early enough that it's still light outside to enjoy the garden's beauty, but late enough that as soon as the sun goes down the reception is enveloped in ethereal twinkle lights and lanterns filled with candles.  Lots of natural elements are wonderful to decorate w

The Reason June Is A Popular Month For Weddings

June has long been the month that is most associated with getting married. Depending on where you live and what the weather is like there, this may or may not be the most convenient for you. Since every person has varying opinions on when the best time to get married is, we wondered why June came to be known as the wedding month. After a little research, found out these interesting facts for you.  The Reasons For June Weddings The Roman goddess Juno is the protector of women, and she is also known as the goddess of childbirth and marriage. Since June is named after the goddess of marriage, it seems like the perfect month to tie the knot. People used to believe that getting married in this particular month brought extra prosperity and happiness to the newlyweds.  Another reason we found that June was a very popular month to get married in the past, before indoor plumbing, was because people used to only bathe once a year! Baths took place in May once the weath

Tips For Tackling 7 Common Wedding Planning Problems

There are many things to do before your wedding comes together, and with all of those tasks to take care of, you are bound to run into a few problems here and there. Today has a few tips on how to handle 7 common problems that may arise while you are planning a wedding . Follow our advice to make the solutions a snap.  Too Much On Your "To Do" List Wedding planning checklists involve long lists of many things to do, but there is absolutely no reason that you should expect to have to do all of them by yourself. Delegation is the key to getting all of those tasks tackled without having to do tackle them all on your own. There will be plenty of people that are eager to help, so let them. If that's not the case, don't force someone to help that doesn't want to. Hire a professional wedding planner to take some of the "to do" list off of your plate.   Bossy Helpers One problem that can arise from some of your wedding helpers is if t