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How to Cut the Cake at your Wedding

The Tradition of Cake Cutting The tradition of cutting the wedding cake represents a special moment at your wedding. This ceremony is intended to show the commitment of your union.  Did you know that there is actually a method on how the cake cutting should be done?   During the cake cutting, the bride holds the cake cutting knife in her hands and the groom’s hand then holds the bride’s as they make the first cut together. The reason the bride's hands are placed on the knife first is because the cake is a symbol of fertility and prosperity and the direct connection with the bride should not be broken.  This tradition started long ago with the bride actually serving the cake to the wedding guests.  It has since evolved into the bride and groom cutting the cake together, sharing the first piece with each other, and making a toast to their guests to thank them for sharing in the celebration.The reception venue or caterer generally cuts the remainder of the cake and serves

Traditional Order of the Wedding Procession

There is a traditional order for the procession in Catholic and Protestant ceremonies. That said, don't be afraid to change things up for your own wedding to suit your needs and situation. This order is simply for your reference when planning your wedding ceremony. The officiate enters (usually enters from the side) when the music begins Groom's grandparents (walk down aisle, then take a seat) Bride's grandparents (walk down aisle, then take a seat) Groom's parents (walk down aisle, then take a seat) Bride's mother (walk down aisle, then take a seat) Best Man (usually enters from the side) Groom (usually enters from the side) Groomsmen and Bridesmaids (usually paired in twos) Maid/Matron of Honor Ring Bearer (walks down the aisle, then takes a seat) Flower Girl (walks down the aisle, then takes a seat) Bride (typically escorted by her Father) Are you changing this up for your wedding ceremony? We'd love to hear about YOUR wedding procession plan

10 Great Ways to Get the Groom Involved

Great gifts for your Groomsmen from ! Gone are the days when wedding planning was the sole responsibility of the bride and her mother. If your fiance is happily going about his life while you are out alone talking to the florist, caterer, baker, stationer, DJ, etc., it's time to get him involved in the planning of what will be the most special day of your lives together—your wedding day! After all, planning this day will probably be the first major project of your life together. It's important for both of you to feel connected to this process. Here are the top 10 ways to include your man in planning for the big day. Request His Help. This may sound like a "no-brainer," but often the groom doesn't get involved because he has been under the mistaken impression that his help wasn't desired. Sit down with your fiance and ask him what he would like to have at the wedding/reception. Tell him what you

7 Smart Wedding Flower Strategies

It's no secret that flowers add beauty to your wedding ... gorgeous draping floral canopies, floral wedding arches, pew arrangements, wreaths, centerpieces, and more. They set the stage for your walk down the aisle, dress up the ceremony venue, and adorn the reception tables.  By the time you add up all the bouquets and arrangements, you can quickly bust your wedding budget. Try these 7smart (and simple) floral tips to keep your floral budget in check while still enjoying the beauty, elegance, and fragrance of fresh flowers: Keep your floral arrangements simple.  For your centerpieces, use hand tied bouquets. These require much less labor than complex arrangements that have to be pinned to foam boards or that require on-site assembly. Concentrate your floral budget on the flowers that will show the most. This includes your bridal bouquet, flowers on the altar, and the centerpieces. Use candles as centerpieces instead of fresh flowers . Then decorate the reception tables

3 Things To Never Say In Your Thank You Notes (and more!)

Do I REALLY have to send hand-written thank you notes ? Many people think that hand-written thank you notes are a long-forgotten tradition. In the age of Twitter, Facebook, text messages and all the rest,  we rarely sit down and craft hand-written notes and letters anymore. Your wedding is not the time to blow off the hand-written thank you note, though. Each guest will put time, a lot of thought, and money into the gift they give you. It's important to take the time to thank them appropriately, not only for the gift but for attending the event, as well! What do I say in my wedding thank you note ? Before we get to what you should never say, let's look quickly at what you should say. If you follow these simple guidelines, writing your thank you notes will be easy. You don't have to write a novel, but you want to make sure your thank you notes are personal and sincere. Here's what TO say: Say "thank you for ..." (fill in the blank with the gift). St