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The Traditional Order of the Wedding Toast

  The Traditional Order of the Wedding Toasts It's said that the Greeks in the sixth Century B.C. started the tradition of the wedding toast. Greeks poured wine from a common pitcher, so the host would drink from his glass first to ensure the guests that there was no poison in the vessel. While you certainly won't have to convince your guests there's no poison in their beverages, toasting has become a tradition at weddings to wish health and happiness to   the couple and to the guests attending the event. Here's the traditional order of the toasts: The best man starts the festivities with a toast to the beautiful bride. The second toast is also done by the best man and is to the bride and groom as a couple. The third toast is done by the and groom is meant as a response to the best man's toast. He also typically includes a few words to his bride, thanks the parents and the wedding party. Toasts from other people in the wedding can then begin.