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8 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Clean on the Big Day

  You'll be in the spotlight ALL day, so it's important to keep your wedding gown clean and fresh looking. We've got 8 great tips to help you do just that! Drink Water . Before the event ,  as you are getting ready, opt for water instead of soda or coffee.  Not only will it help keep you hydrated, it won't stain like coffee or soda in the event you spill you a little. Have someone make sure the car you are riding in is clean. Check the seats, floor, and running boards carefully for dirt and debris that can be picked up by your gown as you get in and out of the car.  Consider covering the seat and floor with a sheet. Remove the stamens from the flowers in your bouquet. If the flowers you've chosen for your bouquet have stamens, it's possible they could stain your dress.  Ask your florist to remove remove them before assembling your bouquet. Pack a towel in your bridal bag. As you touch up your makeup throughout the day and evening, use the t