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18 Essentials for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Preparing a great wedding day emergency kit (ahead of the wedding) can really help reduce your stress load when getting ready for your walk down the aisle. Not to mention, if you actually have to use it, it can save the day! You will definitely need one for yourself (as the bride), but consider putting emergency kits together for bridesmaids. You can even surprise the groom and his guys with emergency kits of their own. Here's our list of the absolutely MUST HAVES for the wedding day emergency kit: Phone Numbers (and cell phone numbers) for your wedding day vendors. If someone is late or doesn't show, you need to be able to get in touch with them without having to scramble for their contact information at the last minute.   Bottled Water. This will be the most photographed day of your life. It's important to stay hydrated. Try to stay away from energy drinks loaded with caffeine.   Straws. So you don't mess up your lipstick. Energy Bars. It's

6 Essential Steps To Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown

With so many designs to choose from, the search for the perfect wedding gown can be overwhelming!  Where do you begin when there are so many considerations ... shape, neckline, fabric, headpiece, jewelry? Just start with the basics! 1. Consider the season of your nuptials.   If you have a summer wedding, you won't want to be fully covered and melt in the hear. Look for strapless or halter-style wedding gowns to keep your cool. For a winter wedding,  you may need a gown with sleeves, a higher neckline, or a shawl to keep you warm. 2. Consider the wedding venue.  Before shopping for your gown, be sure to find out if there are any restrictions at your ceremony venue. Some churches and synagogues don't allow bare shoulders or deep v-neck gowns. Some require the bride to wear a veil. It's important to know this prior to ordering and putting a deposit down on your gown. 3. Consider the formality of your ceremony.   The bride's attire sets the standard for the form

6 Great Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained While They Await Your Arrival

The ceremony is complete and the reception is about to begin! You know the drill ... your guests head to the venue while you, your groom, and your wedding party take some time for photographs. The post ceremony photo shoot can easily take 45 minutes to an hour, so it's important to keep your wedding guests entertained while they await your arrival. Here are 6 great ways to keep your guests not only occupied, but having a blast until your grand entrance! 1. Start with a Cocktail Hour ... but not just any old cocktail hour. Create a signature drink for the event, or have two signature cocktails ... one chosen by the bride and one chosen by the groom. Be creative with your selection.  If you are going to Maui for your honeymoon, serve something tropical. If your first date was at a winery, offer a wine and cheese pairing. The most important part is to let your guests know the story behind your selection. Create small post cards or table cards with your engagement photo and