Wedding Gift Theft : 5 Musts So You Aren't a Victim

wedding gift theft
It's hard to believe, but wedding gift theft is a more common occurrence than you would think. However, with proper planning and a few proactive steps, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

1. Ask Your Bridal Party, Close Family, and Wedding Coordinator to Be on the Look Out for Wedding "Crashers"

Thieves who target wedding receptions often come dressed as a wedding guest ... they are true wedding crashers.  They mingle with your guests and act as though they belong with your group. Then when the time is right, they strike the gift table. If there is someone in the room that you don't recognize, don't be afraid to approach them and strike up a conversation to find out what their story is and who specifically they are related to in the room. This is obviously much easier with smaller weddings. If you are having a large wedding (300+ guests), consider hiring a security guard for the gift table.

2. Position Your Gift Table Away from Entrances and Exits

Many brides position their gift tables right at the entrance to the room for the convenience of guests. This is not a good idea because it makes the gift table an easy target for a thief. Instead, place the gift table in a corner, away from any doors (including restroom doors).  This makes it more difficult for a thief to take something from the table and make an undetected escape.

3. Assign Someone (Before the Wedding) to be in Charge of the Gift Table

As you are deciding who to include in your wedding party, be sure to select someone to be in charge of the gift table. The person you select should not be a member of your bridal party. Instead, it should be a responsible individual who's attention won't be distracted by other activities at the wedding reception. Let the person know that you selected them because it's a critically important job. He/she may not even be aware that wedding gift theft is an issue, so be sure to educate them.  After all guests have arrived and placed their gifts on the table, the person in charge of the gift table can then take all the gifts (with the help of others) to a secure location. This can be the bride/groom suite, or the trunk of a family vehicle.  Some hotels may offer secure locations, as well, but be certain you can trust the hotel employees before opting for this.

4. Be Sure to Create an Online Wedding Gift Registry

Believe it or not, proper wedding guest etiquette states that guests should not bring gifts to the wedding. Instead, they are supposed to send them in advance of the wedding. Most people are unaware of this, however. Creating an online wedding gift registry can help minimize the gifts that are brought to the reception. When the gift is purchased from the registry, the buyer will have the option to ship the gift directly to the address specified by the bride and groom.

5. Use a Wedding Gift Card Holder on the Gift Table

Many guests will be bring a card with cash or gift cards enclosed instead of a wrapped gift. These cards are what wedding thieves go for first since they are easy to grab and hide. You can deter this by using a wedding gift card holder on the table so that all cards are secured in a large decorative box that can't leave the room easily without being detected. Wedding gift card holders come in all shapes and styles, many of which can be used after the wedding as decorative items in your home seasonally or year round. Some of our favorites are shown below ... all are available at

wedding gift card holder

As sad as it is, wedding gift theft is a common problem.  By taking just a few proactive steps, you can minimized your risk of becoming a victim of this heartless crime.  The last thing you should have to worry about at your wedding is the gift table ... so relax and enjoy your big day!

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Alicia Morgan said...

That is such a horrible thing to do to someone as they embark on their new lives together. This article has definitely reminded me of some points to remember when working with my couples. Thank for such a wonderful article.