6 Essential Steps To Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown

With so many designs to choose from, the search for the perfect wedding gown can be overwhelming!  Where do you begin when there are so many considerations ... shape, neckline, fabric, headpiece, jewelry?

Just start with the basics!

1. Consider the season of your nuptials.   If you have a summer wedding, you won't want to be fully covered and melt in the hear. Look for strapless or halter-style wedding gowns to keep your cool. For a winter wedding,  you may need a gown with sleeves, a higher neckline, or a shawl to keep you warm.

2. Consider the wedding venue.  Before shopping for your gown, be sure to find out if there are any restrictions at your ceremony venue. Some churches and synagogues don't allow bare shoulders or deep v-neck gowns. Some require the bride to wear a veil. It's important to know this prior to ordering and putting a deposit down on your gown.

3. Consider the formality of your ceremony.  The bride's attire sets the standard for the formality of the wedding. If you are planning a black tie affair, your gown will need to reflect that in length and style. If it's an outdoor casual wedding, a short gown or more casual style will be perfect.   A wedding on the beach may have you looking at a strapless or halter-style dress. 

4. Determine your  budget.  This is one of the the first questions you will be asked at the bridal salon when selecting gowns to try on.  Resist the temptation to try on a dress that is far above your budget ... you may set yourself up to overspend. Wedding gowns can range from just a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. A great idea is to cut out photos from bridal magazines of gowns you like and take them with you when you shop. The bridal salon may be able to match features from those couture gowns and find something more affordable for you from their collection.

5. Know what flatters your body type.  In short, horizontal lines will make you look wider where vertical lines elongate your shape.  Diagonals cut the width of shoulders and hips. For a shorter brides, an empire waist elongates the lower part of the body.  Checkout one of our recent blog posts, "Choosing the Best Neckline for Your Wedding Gown."

6. Complete the look with embellishments.  Once you've selected your wedding gown you'll be able to embellish with a veil, bridal tiara, gloves, and bridal jewelry. The bridal salon will be able to assist you with the appropriate length veil for for the formality of your gown, as well as the length, style (or absence) of gloves.  The pieces you select will enhance the complete look you want to achieve.

Your wedding day will be one of the most photographed days of your life.  Take your time to ensure you find the absolute perfect gown. Look through the bridal magazines and the designer websites, then cut out or print the gowns that you just love. As you do this, you'll start notice a theme with those you've saved.

When you do head out to try gowns on, take the photos with you ... but be opened minded, as well. The consultants at the salons may have a hidden gem that you'll fall in love with!

~ The WhereBridesGo.com Team
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