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To Bling Or Not To Bling?

He finally popped the question! The date has been set and now you can finally start planning the wedding you've been dreaming about ever since you were a little girl. First and foremost, though, you must ask yourself a very important question - to bling or not to bling?

This question might sound funny at first, but it raises a very important point. How decked out do you want your wedding to be? Do you want a dress glittering with rhinestones, or would you rather keep things simple?

Your friends at are here to help you find your dream wedding style with this fun simple quiz. Answer honestly in order to ensure the most accurate response!

How Accurately Do The Following Statements Describe You?

I love getting dressed up for the day - I have to make sure my hair and makeup are perfect!
A.  Does not describe me.
B.  Somewhat describes me.
C.  Describes me perfectly.

Getting a mani-pedi is my favorite way to wind down after a long week.
A.  Does not describe me.
B.  Somewhat describes me.
C.  Describes me perfectly.

I'm definitely agree with the old saying, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
A.  Does not describe me.
B.  Somewhat describes me.
C.  Describes me perfectly.

I think every girl should be treated like a princess on her wedding day.
A.  Does not describe me.
B.  Somewhat describes me.
C.  Describes me perfectly.

I've wanted a big, fancy wedding for as long as I can remember.
A.  Does not describe me.
B.  Somewhat describes me.
C.  Describes me perfectly.

Let's Evaluate Your Answers!

If You Answered Mostly 'A's...
You're pretty much the opposite of the stereotypical "girly girl" - and some might even classify you as a tomboy! You never gave much thought to your wedding before you got engaged, and that's fine by you. You're looking forward to getting married now that you've found Mr. Right, but you certainly don't need all the ritzy details. A casual, low-key wedding will probably be perfect for you.

If You Answered Mostly 'B's...
You find a nice balance between feminine and masculine perspectives. You enjoy the finer feminine things in life, but you're not afraid to get a little messy every now and then. You tend to get along with men and women equally well, and you want to design a wedding that everyone will enjoy. Your best bet will be to strike a balance between a fancy and casual wedding - and you shouldn't have any trouble doing it.

If You Answered Mostly 'C's...
The secret is out! You're every bit of the stereotypical "girly girl" - and you're completely okay with it! You love being pampered and you always take great care to make sure your appearance is flawless. Your fairytale wedding will be everything you always dreamed it would be: beautiful, dreamy, and romantic. Don't be afraid to go all out with the glittery decorations and accessories!

~ The Team

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