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Are You THAT Wedding Guest?

We've all been to a wedding where at least one or two of the guests got a little out of line. Whether you're in the bridal party or there as a guest, dealing with difficult guests can be incredibly frustrating. If you're going to a wedding, you'll probably try to be on your best behavior - but what if you commit one of these classic wedding guest faux pas without even trying to? 

The team at has compiled a quick list of some of the most common (and annoying) wedding guest faux pas. Don't get caught doing one of these!

1.  Not Controlling Your Children
Misbehaving children can ruin an event faster than almost anything else. As a result, it's not uncommon for brides and grooms to ask that children not attend the ceremony or reception. If you have kids that will be coming with you to the wedding (and they should only be coming with you if they were specifically invited), make sure you keep them on their best behavior.

2.  Crowding The Dressing Room
Of course you want to see the bride and groom to congratulate them and extend your best wishes before the ceremony starts, but swarming the dressing room creates a great deal of unnecessary stress and extra hassles for everyone involved. Save your hugs and well wishes for the reception.

3.  Disrupting The Photos
The photographers only have a set amount of time to take the pictures that the bride and groom will cherish for a lifetime. Don't complicate the process by trying to take pictures of your own or asking the couple to hold that pose a little bit longer.

4.  Using Your Cell Phone
There's a reason they ask you to turn your phones off in the theatre! When you're in a quiet, focused environment, cell phones are distracting to everyone around you. Turn yours off before the ceremony begins.

5.  Discussing Exes
It doesn't matter if the bride or groom has been engaged or married before, nor does it matter how their exes are doing. The wedding day is all about the couple at hand - don't stir the pot by mentioning past relationships.

6.  Not RSVPing
The guest count plays a crucial role in the wedding planning process. Without an accurate number, the bride and groom won't know how much food to order or how many tables/chairs to set up. Do everyone a favor and return the RSVP card in a timely manner, regardless of whether or not you can attend.

7.  Asking To Bring A Guest
If you have been given the opportunity to bring a "plus one," great. If not, leave it at that! The bride and groom probably have a good reason for not inviting you to bring a guest (such as keeping costs down). Don't create unnecessary stress by asking to bring an uninvited guest.

8.  Drinking Too Much
It doesn't matter if there is an open bar or not - no one likes an intoxicated wedding guest. Feel free to enjoy a few drinks, but know your limits and stick to them.

9.  Bringing A Big Gift To The Wedding
Bringing your gift with you may seem convenient, but there is probably limited space at the reception and the gift table may fill up quickly. Not only that, but someone will have to haul all the gifts back to the bride and groom's home after the reception. Do everyone a favor and have large gifts delivered to the bride or groom before the wedding.

10.  Chatting During The Toasts
Toasting is a special ritual during every wedding. It's a chance for chosen parties to express their affection for the happy couple and wish them all the best for their future together. Don't disrupt the process by whispering with your neighbor! (As a side note - if you were not invited to give a toast, don't surprise everyone by delivering one anyway.)

11.  Dancing Before The First Dance
The first dance is another very special ritual. Even if you're not one for traditions yourself, respect the bride and groom by saving your epic dance moves until after happy couple has had their first dance.

Keep The Event Fun For Everyone!
Ignoring the common rules of wedding etiquette can make the special day less pleasant for everyone involved. You don't want to be the one who causes a scene at the wedding! By making sure you don't commit any of these etiquette crimes, you'll be able to help everyone around you relax and enjoy the special day.

~ The Team
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