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Creative Wedding Themes: Travel (Part 1)

When you are searching for wedding planning ideas, sometimes it helps to start with a theme. Weddings don't have to be "theme-heavy," but using elements that tie together throughout your decor makes for a very well put together, overall look. 

If you and your future spouse love to travel, or have big plans to do so in your future together, then a wedding built around that theme could be perfect for the two of you. You could possibly start by sending save-the-dates that look like boarding passes. Here are a few more creative ideas to use from

The Guest Book
There are some really fun things you can do for a guest book alternative instead of just having your friends and family write their names in a regular book. You can have them sign, instead, on an antique globe or map over places they have been or would love to go. 

Another option is to use a "map" from where the wedding is taking place, you know, where "it's all beginning!" Our online wedding accessory store offers Home State Gallery Wrapped Canvas Guest Books for every state in the U.S.A., and they come in 20 different colors. 

Since suitcases are also a sign of travel, our Country Romance Guest Book Box is also a great way to go. It can be used as a guest book when paired with our wooden guest cards. Rather than just writing their names, your friends and family can also add ideas of places for the two of you to visit and what you should do while you are there. Pick up a couple of these adorable guest book boxes and use one to collect cards on the gift table too.  

The Reception Tables
When it's time for your wedding guests to head to their reception tables, set up a board that asks, "Where in the world am I sitting?" Rather than numbers, you can name each table for a place that you have traveled to and use photos of you at that place to decorate the table. The names could even be of places you dream of going instead, and use souvenirs from that area, or even pictures with the two of you photoshopped into them! 

If you prefer to keep things simple and stick with table numbers, the Travel and Adventure Gold Foil Table Numbers from use a lovely map pattern for the background, and the gold number really pops off of it beautifully.

We've also got some cool Compass Party Favors to help your guests get where they want to travel. Printing their name and table number on a round piece of paper and inserting it into the top of the compass turns these cute favors into escort cards. 

If you're the type of bride (or groom) that's incredibly crafty and likes DIY, we've even seen some incredible paper flowers on Pinterest that were made out of old maps. These would make a great table decoration, tie in with your theme beautifully, and probably be less expensive then real flowers. 

The Favors
Favors can be easy with this type of wedding theme. Sticking with the map idea, anything that shows off places to go and gets your guests dreaming of an adventure of their own works wonderfully. You can encourage them to travel even more by giving everyone their own luggage tags. Our Beach Themed Flip Flop Luggage Tags are perfect for making anyone want to take a vacation to a sandy, sunny beach!

Those are just a few creative ideas to get your travel-themed wedding planning started. Combine them with your favorite places to visit and favorite things to do while on vacation, plus a bit of help from the best online wedding decoration store, and you'll be well on your way to nailing this fun wedding theme.

Next week in Creative Wedding Themes: Travel (Part 2,) WhereBridesGo will continue the travel wedding theme by offering some ideas for the food and drinks, inspirational quotes, and great gifts for the wedding party. Until then, happy planning! 

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Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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