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5 New Year's Resolutions To Make To Each Other As A Couple

New Year's Eve... a time to look back on the past year and make plans to improve the coming year. This is where New Year's resolutions come in. They are the promises to yourself about the ways that you will make the coming year better than the last one. One perfect place to strive for improvement is in your relationship with that special someone, be it your date, fiance, or spouse.

Even the happiest couples can find ways to show each other more love and appreciation, plus have fun while doing it! has a few places where you may want to start. Add some of these couple's New Year's resolutions to your list this year.

Kiss More
Lots of kissing happens at the beginning of a relationship, but the longer you are together, sometimes busy lifestyles and hectic schedules get in the way and those kisses become fewer and farther between. Make it your goal this coming year to kiss each other a set number of times each day, or at a specific time daily like first thing in the morning or right before bedtime. It's an excellent "habit" to get back into after you have been together for a long time.

You might also consider incorporating the 15-second kiss into your daily routine. When your lips are locked for 15 entire seconds, you can't help but give your entire focus to your significant other. It's a wonderful way to connect every day, plus kissing more often can lead to even more fun...

Spend "Quality" Time Together
Sure, once you're married or have moved in together, you are in the same house together every single day, but how much of that time do you actually focus on each other? Make the effort to plan real quality time together without any other distractions. That means turning off cell phones and the television and paying attention to each other. It's a great way to keep up with that person's daily happenings and will bring you closer together.

Plan More Dates

In addition to that uninterrupted quality time with each other, get some regular date nights on the calendar too. Find fun and entertaining things to do just like you did when you first started dating. Go out for dinner and dancing, catch a movie or a concert, binge watch an entire season of a new show, cook together... the possibilities are endless, so that means the number of dates you can plan is endless too!

Start a Compliment Jar 
Unfortunately, most people tend to speak criticisms more often than they give out compliments. It's usually not intentional, but it happens. Make a point to consciously compliment your loved one at least one time every day. Go one step further and write that compliment down and put it in a pretty container to use as a "Compliment Jar." Every year on New Year's Eve you can take the compliments out to read and remember how important you are to each other. These can be taken out and read anytime during the year if you have a big fight too.

Keep Things Fresh 
We all grow as people by trying new things. Pick out a few things that you can do as a couple that you've both never done before. It could even be new for just one of you, allowing the other person to share a hobby or something else that they love. You could even start a short-term bucket list of new things you want to try before the next New Year's Eve.

The key to a great New Year's resolution is making one that's going to be easy to keep. Take it from us at, when you choose resolutions that are going to bring you closer to the person you love, you'll be having so much fun that those resolutions will easily turn into your regular daily routine. Happy New Year! 

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