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5 Great Ways To Save Money While Planning A Wedding

When you begin planning a wedding, you will want to have a budget in mind. This is the best way to keep your spending from getting out of hand, which you will very quickly discover can happen before you realize it! has some simple tips that you can easily implement to save money in a few different areas of your wedding. 

Shop After-Holiday Sales & Clearance Aisles
If you are planning your wedding about a year in advance, that gives you time to buy seasonal items that fit the time of year you are getting married when they go on sale. There are also lots of great holiday items that are meant for using at a celebration that don't only pertain to that particular holiday. For example, lots of Christmas decorations aren't the traditional red and green, but are white, silver, or gold with some sparkle on them instead. These could work well with just about any color scheme. 

Take a quick walk down clearance aisles in stores that you frequent every time you're there. You never know when they'll just happen to put an item on sale that matches your wedding theme or color in some way. It's definitely worth the minute it will take you to walk down the aisle. Our online wedding accessory store has it's own "clearance aisle" too! If you hover over the ceremony tab at the top of our website and click on "clearance" you will find beautiful items that we have given some amazing discounts to.   

One-Stop Shopping
This goes for both vendors and decorations. If you find a venue that can host the ceremony and the reception, that will save money. When they also provide the food and drinks, you can often get it all for one set price rather than having to hire multiple vendors. Photographers are another great example. Many have packages with discounts when you hire them for multiple services, such as videography and photobooths in addition to just taking the wedding photos. 

When you shop our wedding decorations online, you'll find just about everything that you will need to put on the perfect wedding. For orders over $125, you'll also save money on delivery because you will be eligible for FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA. (Some restrictions apply for heavy items.)    

Use Double-Duty Items
Get creative and look for items that can do more than one thing at your wedding. For example, many ceremony decorations can be moved over to the reception and used again there. Choosing favors that can be personalized with guests' names allows you to also use them as escort cards or place cards too. Don't forget about those gorgeous bouquets that you and the bridesmaids will be carrying. They look beautiful on the head table in vases, providing both lovely decor and a place to set the flowers down without damaging them. Lots of wedding items can also be used later in your home, and if you have multiples of something awesome, they could be great thank you gifts for the wedding party.  

Build a FREE Wedding Website
This is an easy way to save a lot of money on stationery, plus on the postage it would take to mail out heavy invitations with multiple inserts. Opt for a lightweight, inexpensive-to-mail invitation, and then put all of the information that your guests will need about the wedding online. There are lots of places on the internet where you can easily build a website for your wedding, and they're absolutely free. Simply fill in the details and add some pictures, and you're all ready to go. This can also save you time too, because if any information changes during the course of your wedding planning, you can update all of your guests at once rather than individually. Some of these wedding websites even give your guests the ability to upload photos directly to them from the wedding, which is a wonderful added bonus. 

Sign Up For Newsletters
Signing up for email newsletters from wedding vendors, like the one you can sign up for at the bottom of the page at, gives you access to helpful wedding advice, early notice about sales and special events, and customer discount codes that can't be found anywhere else. If you don't want to worry about getting lots of unwanted emails after the wedding is over, create a special email specifically for wedding correspondence so that don't have to get mixed in with your regular emails. You always have the option to unsubscribe when you're done too.  

Those are just a few tips that can help you keep your wedding budget under control. One more tip is to browse the wonderful online wedding accessories that we have for you at You'll find affordable items in many different price points that will help you bring all of your wedding day dreams to life, at a price that won't break the bank! 

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Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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