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5 of Our Favorite Gift Ideas For Your Groomsmen

Our last blog featured 5 of our favorite bridesmaid gifts to give the lovely ladies in your wedding party. Today... let's hear it for the boys! We can't leave those wonderful gentleman out that are standing up for the groom at your wedding. Today we're showing off 5 of the best groomsman gift ideas that you can find when you head on over to

Where ladies are often thrilled to get gifts that are pretty, men usually prefer something that they can use, or a novelty gift that brings a grin to their face. Not all groomsman are alike, so it's perfectly okay to get different thank you presents for each one. Let the gift reflect the friendship between him and the groom. A nice bonus when you shop at our online wedding accessory store is that nearly every item can be personalized. There's a lot to pick from , but here are 5 of our favorite ideas to get you started. 

Beverage Containers
Raising a toast to your new marriage is a lot more fun with special, personalized mugs or glasses! If the gentleman standing up at your wedding are beer drinkers, you'll find a wonderful selection of glassware at, along with growlers, six-pack holders, chrome-plated koozies, and much more.  

We've also got some great gifts for the groomsmen that prefer other beverages to beer. There's a large variety of flasks to fit any personality. If you want to go bigger and get something that will hold more than one drink at a time, our Personalized Mini Whiskey Barrel may be just the thing. It's meant for both serving and aging your favorite liquor or wine. A nice decanter set is a great idea too. 

Another option, rather than a container to hold their favorite beverage, is a container to hold the containers holding those beverages. (Get it?) We're talking about personalized coolers. 

You'll find lots of different styles, shapes, and sizes when you browse the groomsman gifts section of our website. The Tailgate Cooler with a Grill Tool Set, with an attached bottle opener, is just what any grilling man would love. There's even a Cooler with a Portable Grill that you can order for them! 

Game Gear

If the groom's guys are sports fanatics, we've got great gift items for both spectators and players. The coolers in the photos below double as seats for tailgating, camping, fishing trips, and other sporty outings. If there happens to be a few golfers in the group, we've got all sorts of wonderful gifts to get them out on the course in style! 

One useful item that any man could use is a new wallet. No matter how the men in your wedding prefer to hold their money, we've got them covered. You'll find leather wallets, money clips, card holders, and even a stainless steel Zippo Wallet that comes in brushed silver or titanium black with 3 different personalization options.  

Some men love to have something nice to wear when they get dressed up, but most of them won't take the time to buy it for themselves. This makes men's jewelry a great gift idea. They'll be happy to have it when it's needed, but they won't have to go shopping for it themselves! 

Personalized cufflinks will look great on all of the groomsman while they are standing next to you both at the ceremony. A nice watch is always a nice gift too. If you happen to have a groomsman that collects watches, you'll even find a wonderful watch cases on our website.

There are a few of our favorite ideas for the best groomsman gifts to give, but you'll find even more excellent items to choose from when you browse Please pass along to your future husband, while it is "Where Brides Go... for What Brides Love," the grooms always find lots of things to love when they take a look too!

Where Brides Go®
...for What Brides Love!

~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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