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Get Ready to "Fall" in Love With These Amazing Autumn Wedding Decorations!

Getting married in the fall has become every bit as popular as summer weddings always have been. While June was originally the month when most marriages took place, we see couples planning for just as many in September and October these days. Planning a fall wedding, especially in an area where the leaves are turning all sorts of brilliant colors, can be a beautiful thing. has used the colors and symbols of this season to bring you some wonderful wedding accessories. 

Rich Fall Colors
The brilliant colors that emerge every fall are exquisite colors for decorating a wedding ceremony and reception. Reds, oranges, and browns offer a rich color palette that can have both a dramatic effect or give off a warm, rustic feeling. Bringing in the dark greens, like on the evergreens that don't change color this time of year, looks wonderful too. 

You can also pull inspiration from the bare trees after the leaves have fallen, using natural browns found in the wood. Burlap ties in nicely with all of this. Metallic golds blend in very well too. Don't be afraid to mix it up a little and use popular autumn patterns such as plaid. For example, our Red Plaid Throws piled up in a basket are a nice addition to a cool, evening reception. Guests that feel a chill can use them to warm up, or to take a trip outside to a fire pit for s'mores. (Always a fun fall reception activity!)  

The colorful leaves in the trees and on the ground everywhere that you look make excellent decorations, as well as symbols on escort cards, favors, invitations, wedding programs, and more. You can use them in centerpiece arrangements or scattered down a reception table. Another wonderful idea is to let your flower girl toss them from her basket instead of flower petals. 

Pumpkins are most definitely a symbol of fall. This time of year, you'll have no trouble finding the real thing at every supermarket, and pumpkin patches are all open for the season. For DIY brides, the craft stores are filled with the artificial kind that work well in decorations that you want to make ahead of time without the worry of them rotting. Our online wedding decoration store has quite a few gorgeous golden pumpkin accessories for your wedding so that you can easily add that special fall touch everywhere that your guests look.  

Those acorns that are also falling from the trees are another nice autumn symbol. These Gold Dipped Ceramic Acorn Salt & Pepper Shakers fit in beautifully with a fall theme and look much nicer than the regular ones that your reception venue will probably provide. They also make nice favors for your guests to take home.  

Those are just a few of the marvelous items you will find in our online wedding accessory store to help you pull off a memorable fall wedding. It doesn't matter which season you decide to tie the knot in when you shop at We carry a large variety of just about everything you need to decorate an amazing wedding ceremony and reception, no matter what the time of year may be. 

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